Singapore has a stunningly beautiful public airport. A video recently circulating online shows a sleek train gliding above the structure. The tracks are surrounded by lush green trees. Off to the side, a massive waterfall connects curved openings at the bottom and top of the building. It looks like how we used to imagine America’s future in the sunnily optimistic sci-fi of an earlier age. It’s also a testament to the power of developmentalist economics to uplift a nation.

For the American right, however, the video is Exhibit A for why we need to … use more corporal punishment.

Instead of focusing on the public-infrastructure achievements of Singapore, some of America’s most prominent conservatives are choosing to celebrate the city-state’s preference for judicial caning. For the likes of Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire and Jack Posobiec of Turning Points USA, the Singaporean airport is a reason to ditch America’s constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment.